Everything that happens inside the four walls of the Villar-Rosàs house is worth mentioning. The exhibition Autarchy & Botanica by Formafantasma shows the work of the Italian designers Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, the founders of Studio Formafantasma, based in Eindhoven, Holland. They began working together while in the university, but it was when they arrived to the Design Academy that they got interested in product design.


Their work explores topics such as the role of design in traditional craftsmanship, the relationship between tradition and local culture, critical approaches to sustainability and the meaning of objects as cultural behaviour. Andrea and Simone define themselves as a bridge between craftsmanship, industry, the object and the user, engaging in a dialogue about critical and conceptual design.

Some of his products belong to several collections including Droog Design, Rossana Orlandi Gallery, Moss Gallery, The Art Institute of Chicago and Vitra Design Museum, among others. It has also been displayed in the Design Miami/Basel, the Dutch Design Week, Milan, New York and the prestigious auction house Sotheby?s. Now it?s the turn of Barcelona and the exhibition Otrascosas de Villar-Rosàs including two of their most representative projects: Autarchy y Botanica.


What: Autarchy & Botanica by Formafantasma.

When: May 17 (opening at 8pm)-June 22.

Where: Otrascosas de Villar-rosàs (Via Laietana, 64-Principal).